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The Vision of Urantian Communities Northwest (UCNOW) is to model the greatest mandate ever given: to love one another as Our Heavenly Father loves us; to acknowledge that we are the living branches of our Mother-Father God, and that we are here to serve all.

Our Mission is to unite those who are open to expanding cosmic consciousness and enhancing spiritual perception. Our goal is to strengthen our human and divine relationships through local and regional gatherings and associated activities and projects that foster socialization, study, support, and service.

We are faith sons and daughters, siblings of the same divine family. Living in the regions of Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon and Washington inspires us to gather together to support, create and evolve ourselves and our communities based on loving kindness and the teachings of progressive truth.  

In the spirit of transparency, here is our Guiding Document. If you enjoy the process of teamwork and would like to serve on a committee or perhaps take the lead on a project that you believe has the potential to advance the Urantia Revelation throughout our region or within your local community, we encourage you to contact us. We are open and accessible! Email us at

We put this organization together to help better connect a section of North America where we share a common lifestyle within this vast natural beauty we call home. It is our hope that in bringing us together with regional gatherings, meet-ups & outreach activities, improving communications through media, video & newsletters, by promoting interfaith events & service projects, we can offer resources that can make a difference … together we can grow stronger as a community of believers! We are Northwest pioneers in a new epochal era of spiritual enlightenment.