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Gathering at the ‘Hood
September 17-20, 2015, Mt. Hood, Oregon

More than 90 students of The Urantia Book heeded the Call of their Spirits and came to the inaugural event of the newly created UCNOW at the rustic and comfortable Mt Hood, Oregon Kiwanis Camp at the foot of Mt. Hood. We spent 4 days enacting  our themes of Getting to Know One Another and Living the Fruits of the Spirit.

The motivating principles of this Gathering came from, “If you could only know your fellows, you would eventually fall in love with them.” (UB 100:4.5) and Jesus’ teaching that service to one’s fellows is the highest concept of the brotherhood of spirit believers. (UB 188:4.9)

Our Program included Discovery Circles, which consisted of groups of eight, with two facilitators. They met daily to explore the themes of emerging Urantians, spiritual habits, values and service. People were led to “speak from the Soul” and it was amazing to watch and be a part of this process as it unfolded and to see such good, attentive listening.

Afternoons offered workshops and “free” time for spontaneous activities that ranged from hikes to the beautiful nearby waterfalls, making prayer flags, visiting one of the many “Serve-Us Stations” that demonstrated the outreach activities and opportunities available in the PNW, and much more.

Evening activities included a spirited talent show and great music provided by regional talent. Attendees walked through nature’s beauty arriving at worship stations of beauty, truth and goodness where music, poetry, prayers on flags, a talking stick and quiet contemplative time created space for sharing tears of joy and release.

It was a wonderful, soul-enriching experience for all.